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Job information: Foreign trade merchandiser (1 person)

Work content:

1. Develop and maintain new and old customers based on e-commerce platforms, exhibitions, etc.;

2. Negotiation, signing, tracking and management of foreign trade orders;

3. Organize the target customer data, do a good job of timely feedback and processing of customer requirements;

4. Complete other transactional tasks assigned by superiors.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in foreign languages;

2. English level 4 or above, with excellent English listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation skills, especially oral barrier-free communication, proficient in writing English business letters, emails, etc., foreign trade documentary experience, familiar with foreign trade business, independent and independent Ability to negotiate business with foreign clients, proficient in using OFFICE office software;

3. At least 1 year of relevant work experience, careful and serious work, strong sense of responsibility, integrity, familiar with the details of foreign affairs reception, and behave in a proper manner. 



Job informationStatistician (3 people)

Work content:

1. Do a good job of financial statistics according to the company's requirements, including the current month's sales inventory management and sales receipts and other accounting statistics;

2. Responsible for statistics and production of various reports, computer entry of related documents;

3. Accurately, timely, comprehensively and systematically report various comprehensive statistical reports prescribed by superiors, sort out and analyze statistical data, and meet the needs of departments at all levels for statistical information;

4. Complete other transactional tasks assigned by superiors.

job requirements:

1. Technical secondary school degree or above, major in finance, accounting, finance, etc.;

2. Have more than one year of work experience in financial statistics and bill preparation;

3. Familiar with statistics, accounting procedures and management, proficient in computer operation, familiar with Kingdee operating system, familiar with various financial statements and basic analysis, strong sensitivity to data;

4. A qualification certificate such as an accountant job certificate is required.



Job informationCost accounting (1 person)

Work content:

1. Collect and distribute expenses according to the content, procedures and methods of cost accounting;

2. Responsible for the accounting of cost subjects such as "production costs" and "manufacturing expenses";

3. In the case of production of multiple varieties, a reasonable apportionment standard shall be adopted to apportion materials and other expenses;
4. If multi-process production is involved and the cost of semi-finished products needs to be calculated, the cost should be carried forward step by step;
5. Do a good job of detailed accounting of the materials, and set up a detailed account according to the receiving and paying unit, responsible for the clearing and checking of accounts payable, and urging the relevant departments to clear up the prepaid accounts in time;
6. According to the content, procedures and methods of cost accounting, carry out the collection and distribution of expenses, correctly calculate the transfer value of production materials and the amount of expenses that should be included in the cost of the current period, and completely collect and calculate the cost calculation objects incurred Kind of expense
7. Supervise and urge the purchasing department to ask for incoming invoices according to the inventory details of the temporary estimate every month;
8. Check material warehouse accounts and financial accounts regularly, and participate in on-site inventory of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products at the end of the period.
job requirements:
1. College degree or above, more than 3 years of cost accounting work experience, and manufacturing experience is preferred;
2. Familiar with the corporate accounting process, and be proficient in operating the supply chain and cost management module of Kingdee K3 financial software;
3. Being upright, reliable, good character, clear thinking, quick thinking, strong work stability, and strong organization.



Job informationHydraulic engineer(1 person)

Work content:

1. Hydraulic system development, application and maintenance;

2. Improve product quality by continuously improving the original product manufacturing process or product structure;

3. Daily work of the department.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above;

2. More than 5 years of relevant work experience, familiar with mechanical principles, hydraulic principles, and independent design and development capabilities;

3. Familiar with related design software such as Auto CAD and Solidworks;

4. Must be proficient in using drawing software, and be familiar with electrical and control design and application.



Job informationMechanical Engineers(1 person)

Work content:

1. Research and development of construction machinery, including structural design, component selection, and output of design drawings;

2. Guide assembly, debugging, and solve technical problems in the production and assembly process.

job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in mechanical design, manufacturing or related, more than five years of relevant work experience;

2. Familiar with mechanical design principles and design processes, proficient in solidworks and CAD drawing software;

3. Solid professional knowledge, serious and responsible work, flexible thinking, rigorous and meticulous, full of teamwork spirit, and good communication skills.



Job informationService personnel(2 people)

Job requirements:

1. More than four years of experience in construction machinery manufacturing or mechanical maintenance;

2. Know the drawings and have welder certificate;

3. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, can travel frequently;

4. Have teamwork spirit and strong communication skills.



Job informationwelder(5 people)

Job requirements:

1. Age 22-38 years old, more than five years of work experience in the industry;

2. Be able to operate welding equipment (carbon dioxide) proficiently and safely;

3. Able to read the drawings, complete qualified products under the guidance of the drawings, and conduct self-inspection of the products to ensure the quality and have a welder certificate;

4. Obey the arrangement, bear hardships and stand hard work, work conscientiously, and take the initiative.



Job informationTurner(2 people)

Job requirements:

1. Age 25-35, technical secondary school or above;

2. Be able to operate ordinary lathes skillfully and understand drawings;

3. Have relevant work experience in finishing of non-standard parts.

The company is highly paid and sincerely hires the above personnel, including board and lodging, working 8 hours a day. The company implements a 26-day work system and is rewarded for full attendance.

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